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Extra 15% Off ( Code: BFCM15 ), Click To Apply Now!

DBpower DJS80 1000A 12800mAh Portable Car Jump Starter

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jump starter

battery booster

Perfect Travel Companion with you!

With a DBPOWER jump starter, you will not get stranded with flat car batteries on the road anymore. You don't need to call the road assistance, wait in the wind and rain just for their help. No more expensive fees for a single jump starter!

Strong and Versatile

DBPOWER jump starter enables to reach peak current of 1000A, which is powerful enough to crank petrol engines up to 7.0 Liters and diesel engines up to 5.5 Liters with ease. The suitable engine displacement has covered most of the vehicles, you can use the jump starter on cars, SUV, ATV, pickup, motorcycle, lawnmower, and so on.

Better Jumper Cable Protection

Different from usual jumper cables on the market, the DBPOWER jumper cable has a built-in LED screen to show more exact operation information. Different patterns represent different operating mistakes. Users can correct using steps according to the pattern shows on the LED screen. Which can be easily learned in the user manual. And also, 8 kinds of protections have been designed for the jumper cable to better ensure safety, which is over current protection, short circuit protection, overload protection, over-voltage protection, over-charge protection, etc.

car jump starter

portable jump starter

jump starter

battery car jumper

Easy to Charge Electronic Equipment

Not just serve as a jump starter, this DBPOWER device can also be used to charge other electronic equipment like phones, tablets, cameras, game machines, and so on. So you can carry it with you while traveling or camping and use it as a quick power source.

LED Flashlight Function

An extra function designed for the jump starter, it has a built-in LED flashlight to provide a light source at night. Sometimes you may have to check car components in the dark to find out the breakdown reasons. Then the jump starter LED flashlight with 3 lighting modes can be useful.

Easy Storage Size

With an adult palm hand size, the DBPOWER jump starter can be easily organized under the car seat or in the trunk. You can simply keep it in any space conveniently. It takes not much room but will be quite helpful in case of emergency.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1154 reviews

I order a jump box but my order has not been shipped yet

Barbara Cooper

I already posted once and it is really impossible to review a product that cannot be used immediately and hopefully won't be used for several months if ever. I hope it is as good as I was told. BTW this whole gift thing doesn't exist per my experience and free products is just not viable.

James Cavanaugh
Unbelievable product

After having to jump my wife's car in the freezing cold last winter, I bought 2 of these (1 for my wife's car and 1 for my daughter's car). Last month my boat battery died (left the sump pump switch on), and I rowed out to the boat with my DBpower charger. Yesterday my car battery was died (left a light on). The charger is shockingly small and light, and in both cases the engine started immediately, on the first turn of the key. How battery chargers have gone from the large, heavy plug-in one one I owned 20 years ago to the tiny size and weight of the DBpower charger (fits in the palm of my hand and can't weigh more than1.5 pounds), I can't imagine. This is easily one of the best products I've ever used. I just ordered one for my car today, and we may give out a few more as holiday/birthday gifts in the next few months. A must-buy for your yound drivers (and their forgetful fathers). Amazing product.

This is the best about $59 I ever spent!

My car's battery suddenly went completely dead. It is wintertime. I was going to get one of those big dry-cell powered battery jump starters that are like about a schoolbag size. Then I researched online for different ones. I found a small lithium-battery powered ones being recommended. I didn't believe they could start a car's battery. I read up on them and decided to buy the 1000A instead of the 600A that was recommended. I received it in 2 days and charged it up overnight to be fully charged. The next day, I hooked it up and the alarm went off. I got that shut off and tried it and nothing. I unhooked it and went in my car to read the starting steps again. I had done it right. Then I thought that it may have had to reset. I hooked it up again and pressed the starter button and it started just like it was the car's battery. The car had set there for three days and was dead cold when I started it. I'm recommending it to my sisters and brother. This was the best about $59.00 I ever spent. Thanks for a quality product that saved the day!

A great product!

Buy this and you will never again have to stand in front of your car waving jumper cables and hoping a good samaritan will stop and help you jump start your car. With this device it is simple-simple-simple, and can be done by anyone! The only shortcoming is the rather superficial instructions. But there are videos on you-tube (and instructions in other Amazon comments) that clear it all up!It has additional features besides use to overcome an automobile's dead battery. Charge your phone, use its emergency flasher and flashlight!Seriously! We bought one and it worked so well we bought a second for my father-in-law.The price is right.