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DBPOWER T21 Mini (2019 Upgraded) 2800Lux Portable Video Projector

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Screen Mirror With Smartphone/Pad

The projector supports a screen mirror with a smartphone/pad.

  • Projector for iPhone or iPad: You can use the original USB cable to connect your iPhone/iPad to this projector USB Port directly.
  • Projector for Andriod Phone: Download an APP called "EZCast" in the google market, then open the APP and connect your smartphone to this projector.
  • For other Devices: You need to prepare an HDMI(included)/WiFi dongle and follow up the usage to set up it.
  • Please feel free to write to us if you encounter any problems, and our team will provide you with the best solution.

+50% 1


    • Adopted Upgraded LCD Technology, it is capable of presenting +50% brightness over other similar projectors.
    • With Unremitting R&D, the stability of the projector improves a lot. It can enable you to enjoy the movies even in less light.
    • Please kindly note, we recommend you use it in a dark environment.

      Works without an HDMI adapter

      • The latest technology connects via USB cable.
      • Suitable for smartphones and tablets.
      • No need for an HDMI adapter or wireless dongle.
      • Doesn't need a Wi-Fi connection.


      Keystone & Focus

      1. Slide the focus ring.
      2. Rotate the lens hood
      • The projector comes with 15°Keystone and focuses function. It cannot support focus automatically.
      • Please kindly note, you may adjust the focus ring and keystone simultaneously until to get crystal clear images.

      HI-FI Stereo Sound

      Built-in dual stereo speakers provide a surround sound style experience. Even when used outdoors, the powerful speaker gives you full-spectrum sound. It's a top choice for parties, football nights, or movies with friends.



      Lower Noise

      Equipped with double tube cooling technology for efficient heat dispersion, the fan noise is also cut in half by noise suppression material, making the fan noise lower than that of other basic LED projectors.

      176'' Big Screen

      It provides a watching size from 32” to 176” with the projection distance between 4.9ft to 16.4ft. A projection distance of about 6.5 ft is the recommended viewing distance.



      Wide Applications

      Delight Your Life With Technology

      1. Enjoy Films&TV Series With Your Family
      2. Watch Live Matches With Your Friends
      3. Mobile KTV and Big Screen Game Machine For Home Entertainment
      4. Ceiling Early Education Machine and Story Machine For Your Kids
      5. Can't mirror the copyrighted content, such as Netflix, Prime. Solution: Use an HDMI cable to connect your computer to the project video.
      • Connect to a PC/DVD/PS3/Xbox via HDMI port.
      • Charge your phone/tablet via the 5V-Out port.
      • Connect to a TV/video device via AV/TV port.
      • An SD card slot is designed to connect to the SD card.
      • An audio jack (3.5mm) is for external audio devices.

      Warm Tips:

      • For incredible clarity and optimum results, operating the projector in a dark environment is recommended.
      • Please be advised that the projector is not for business data presentation. (Not applicable to WORD, PPT, EXCEL, and other types of work documents via USB sticks.)
      • The projector cannot support Dolby Vision for the present, but you can connect the projector to a computer/laptop for videos watching instead.

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