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Warranty Tips

Maybe the product you received contains a small card that needs to activate the product warranty, but you encountered a problem in the process of activating the warranty. Yes, you need to provide an Amazon order number to activate the warranty.

Many people are confused about this and complain about it. For example, my order is not an Amazon order, how can I provide an Amazon order number? How to activate it if I purchased it on the official website? How to activate the product purchased in VLS/HKSD? and many more.

Here, we have a unified answer. The products purchased on the official website, VLS and HKSD are guaranteed and do not need to be activated. If you have any questions about the product, you can directly contact customer service, provide the corresponding site, order number, contact email and pictures related to product problems Or video, customer service will follow up and deal with the problems you encounter.

Orders on Amazon require manual activation of the warranty. The main reason is that it is convenient to distinguish our own customers. We are responsible for our customers. Some people follow Amazon to sell our products. Products generally cannot activate the warranty in our service. 

If your product was purchased on Amazon, please click here to activate the warranty.